Ingenious tastemakers.

An exquisite partnership.

A passion for perfection.

Andreea Belba and Cosmina Stan are co-founders of the ongoing masterpiece that is Belsta Art and Events. Together with their world-class team, they have created a superior new standard in high-end art curation and inspired events management. Their exclusive global clientèle call all the modern world’s major cultural centres home, from London to Monte Carlo, Paris, New York and Dubai, and exciting new frontiers in China and Southeast Asia.

Our two founders are accomplished experts in their fields, and they have exemplary academic credentials to match. Like magical colours in Impressionist canvasses, Andreea’s artistic vision and Cosmina’s flawless events combine to effortlessly illuminate each client’s unique genius, as expressed through the most beautiful and glamorous medium of all.

At Belsta, we help our clients reveal the true spark of their unique personality through art.

Art is irreplaceable. Unlike the common currency of gaudy luxury, Art is always unique.

Our global network spans thousands of artists, galleries and dealers. Our highly personalised service guarantees you the discovery of a new and beautiful expression of your identity. Our pedigree is impeccable and distinguished. We have delighted more than 2,000 clients globally, for more than a decade, including private collectors, exuberant socialites, corporate teams and high end venues. Personalisation is our passion: we thrive by offering luxurious, individually-tailored services and art curation, to enthrall the senses and enrapture the soul.

Our vision for every one of our clients is for them to develop an ingenious image and presence that tastefully distinguishes them from all others.

We invite you to make us your partners in elegantly uncovering your personal masterpiece.

I am Andreea Belba.

My passion is art. I have a proven track record in identifying emerging artists early in their trajectory, and securing access to such up-and-coming artists for Belsta clients. And I consistently demonstrate my systematic ability to spot good investments and, much more challenging, access for my clients to both established Modern and established Contemporary artists.

I hold a Masters degree in Journalism, have completed post graduate/MA studies in Contemporary Art at Sotheby’s and am currently pursuing further Art Business studies at Christie’s. I published my first book at 21, while completing my BA in Journalism. Professionally I’ve helped fantastic brands like Ayyam, Vista Jet and Ccercle develop and enhance their client relations.

I personally ensure each client’s curation experience with Belsta is tailored to their unique needs, personality and taste.

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I am Cosmina Stan.

Events are my passion. Together with our elite team here at Belsta, I’ve helped dozens of clients from around the world host exclusive, exciting, glamorous events that showcase unique art to perfectly suit the location and guest list.

Our Events Management end-to-end consulting approach is drawn from both years of real-world experience, and my extensive academic credentials: a Master’s degree in Events Management from the University of Westminster, and undergraduate studies in Business Administration in Geneva, at Webster University. My law school qualifications from Bucharest University are beneficial in understanding international law across the many countries where our clients are located.

I personally guide every one of our clients, every step of the way to a perfect event that gets talked about and remembered.

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