Advisory Services for Art Collectors

We offer a true end-to-end service, including:

  • Multi-channel acquisition advice
  • Logistics services (we can even help you hang your artworks)
  • Expert curation

Recent clièntele we are proud to have served:

  • Saudi Royal Family: advice and sourcing of thirteen paintings from emergent new artists. Full logistics management services also provided by Belsta.
  • Kuwait Royal Family: special commission for 55 metre yacht; we sourced an established American artist and provided advisory services for the project.
  • Dubai Royal FamilySpecial commission arranged with a talented East European artist to create thirteen Polo-related works exhibited during the Julius Baer Dubai Polo Gold Cup
  • Korean VIP Collector: Private Banksy collection; we helped assisted in full end-to-end sourcing and logistics for one of the most impressive collections of Banksy’s work in the world.
  • Belgian Royal Family: advice and acquisition services to source installations and sculptures for a public park in Belgium

We ensure you always have access to the best advice and guidance in curating your private collection.

We delight in tailoring our advice and recommendations to suit your preferences for medium, aesthetic, and budget.

No matter whether you are looking to acquire your first piece or your fiftieth, our ongoing curation services will help you discover, acquire (and even hang) a perfect new complement, uniquely distinguished by your own unique identity. We have impeccable credentials, across all stages of acquisitions (and divestments).

And we offer many enchanting opportunities to our collectors each year, to participate in exclusive private events where we showcase the works of established masters, as well as talented emerging artists.

Through this ongoing calendar of exclusive signature events, we help you discover new works, all the while carefully curating your invitations based on an intimate understanding of your personal taste.